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Iodine Therapy May Help to Protect Against Teargas Exposure and also Improve Your Thyroid Function

Iodine Deficiency is rampant and correction of levels can improve thyroid function as iodine is the building block of thyroid hormone with "T3" meaning triiodiothyronine or "3 iodine molecules stuck together". Iodine can also displace toxic molecules from the body such as bromine and fluoride as well as toxic chemicals including teargas.

Iodine can be administered topically for children and adults as Luggols Iodine 2% solution . Apply 4 drops anywhere on the body and rub in . The quicker it absorbs can indicate your degree of deficiency. Only when the stain remianis for 24 hours is one considered sufficient in Iodine. Iodine may also be taken orally as a high dose tablet or by mixing Luggols solution in water and drinking in the am.

Iodine is also anti - bacterial, anti - fungal and protective against cancer as seen in studies on iodine levels and cancer risk.

Comprehensive Iodine testing is available at our clinic - all iodine products must be stopped for 1 week prior to testing for accurate results.

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