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Truage Trudiagnostic With Full Reports Biological Age Testing

Truage Trudiagnostic With Full Reports Biological Age Testing

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Biological Age is the #1 biomarker for healthspan & lifespan. We help individuals objectively track their aging with an at-home sample collection kit, and a rapid laboratory turnaround for analyzing & delivering epigenetic reports. 

TruAge Collections deliver a multitude of aging metric analysis, including Telomere Length, Pace of Aging, Biological Age, insights into your immune system’s impact on aging, and much more. 


A lifetime of updates

All it takes is the first sample to unlock the mystery of yourEpigenome. Unlike other Epigenetic services, the TruAge report is a growing, changing report. You will receive a lifetime of updates on new gene risks as we discover them, and any new TruAge test you take will include those new reports. You can track your progress in reducing your age, and even track your efforts to change the expression of specific genes.

For optimal age management monitoring Upgrade to The Better With Age Club to have:

1. A baseline Truage Test,

2. Attend a 1 day seminar to learn all the latest therapeutics to reverse your biolgical age

3. Start a customised treatment plan by Dr Bramley and then have a fsecond Truage  test in 12 months to see your progress

4. Receive 10% off of all Better With Age Club Therapeutics 

5. 700 USD rebate on The Better With Age Club with this purchase

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