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Fifteen years after Dr. Hans Krebs earned the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the Krebs Cycle, the system our cells’ mitochondria use to create energy, he published another groundbreaking study. It suggested a ketone called oxaloacetate could dramatically impact cellular energy production and the ratio of NAD+ to NADH.


With significant implications for human health, scientists clamored to research oxaloacetate supplementation further, but quickly hit a roadblock – oxaloacetate quickly degraded if not stored in temperatures below -30 degrees celsius, making it too unreliable for study.

In 2005, Terra Biological engineered and patented a method to thermally stabilize oxaloacetate with Vitamin C. Working with researchers at UCSD, UCLA, and UC Riverside, we found that we were able to stimulate the same molecular pathways as calorie restriction with oxaloacetate – without actually reducing calorie intake. This discovery led to the creation of benaGene.

What is Oxaloacetate?

To understand the power of benaGene, you first need to understand the importance of oxaloacetate. Oxaloacetate is a naturally-occurring compound needed by every human cell to produce energy in the Krebs Cycle.

The body already has oxaloacetate inside its cells. In fact, you need a certain amount of it just to stay alive — children born with an inability to produce oxaloacetate die early in childhood.

Proper levels of oxaloacetate are crucial for healthy metabolism, glucose system support, and overall cellular function.

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