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Feel Better.

Look Better.

Age Better.

The Better With Age Club is the answer to reverse, halt or slow the aging process and the deterioration of quality of life and appearance associated with the disease of aging. By identifying your biological age on Truage Trudaignostic testing, evidence-based therapeutics and lifestyle hacks are implemented over 12 months. Repeat Truage Trudiagnostic testing confirms the results. Club members have access to a 1-day huddle, either remotely or at international destinations,  where you will be introduced to the latest in anti-aging technology to optimize your age reversal results. Includes a 1 on 1 virtual consultation to further curate your personal regimen and a follow up progress report consultation to assess progress and access to specialized testing and therapeutics at club pricing.


Sign up For The Better With Age Club and Receive your Truage Test Kit.



Attend your choice of Huddle with Dr Lauren Bramley either online or in person at international destinations where you will access the latest in evidence based treatments and hacks to reverse, halt or slow your aging process at preferred rates.



Attend a 1 on 1 virtual consultation with Dr Lauren Bramley to further personalize and curate your regimen.



Repeat your Truage Trudiagnostic test at month 10 to confirm your progress and have a progress review consultation with Dr Lauren Bramley.


Know Your Pace of Aging: DunedinPoAM4 Current Rate of Aging  "PACE"

Think of it Like a Speedometer for Your Aging Process.

A static clock like our normal biological age or immune age measurements only show how much your body has aged up to this point. The ‘distance’ you’ve aged. DunedinPACE shows how fast you’re currently aging. 

954 people in a long-term study named “The Dunedin Study” verified that the people this algorithm identified as aging faster did have a greater long-term risk of poor health, developing chronic diseases, or dying earlier. Similarly, those identified as aging more slowly, later performed significantly better on tests of balance, strength, and mental ability.

Even being slightly above 1 on this metric increases your risk of death in the next 7 years by 56%, and increases your risk of chronic disease diagnosis by 54%


Differentiate between current Aging versus overall aging

A single Biological Age result offers a good overall idea of how much your body has already aged, to this point. However, it doesn’t differentiate the past influences from how you are living and aging currently.

This new algorithm is able to tell you how quickly you are aging RIGHT NOW, at the moment you took the test.  It’s a speedometer for your current aging, rather than an assessment of how far you’ve already gone. 

And It Shows.... Below is a composite ( 1000 faces superimposed on one another) of facial aging amongst the study subjects. All were born in 1972 and were chronologically 45 years old at the time of the composite.

Why is This Revolutionary?

Get real-time feedback for REAL personalized medicine.

One of the big issues aging medicine has faced is that we have never had an objective metric to appropriately measure aging, and the changes in aging rates. Now we do! 

We can now can make the treatment of aging a far more personalized experience.

For instance, some people might have drastically different responses to the same therapeutic. If you give 2 people an NAD+ supplement for aging, for example, you can now see which is responding better to the intervention. 

With DunedinPACE, we have a metric that can measure aging on a personal level.

Facial ages superimposed.jpeg

For this comparison, researchers overlaid the faces of the 10 people with the slowest pace-of-aging biomarkers, 10 who were aging at the average rate, and 10 who were showing the largest signs of accelerated aging. 

This created an “average face” for each style of aging. 

All 1000 of the individuals involved in these renders share the same chronological age. All of them were born in 1972.  

Join The Club.

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